New Homeowner Orientations

Prior to closing, Loomis Homes hosts a New Homeowner Orientation that is focused on goal delivery to ensure we have met your quality standards.

What to Expect

Loomis Homes New Homeowner Orientation includes a detailed demonstration of the home’s operation and a review of your maintenance responsibilities and warranties. This is also an opportunity for you to confirm that the builder has delivered construction work to your standards and installed all requested features. 

Your New Homeowner Orientation will be completed with the project manager on your home build. They will demonstrate how to operate:

  • Heating and air-conditioning units
  • Appliances
  • Electrical circuit breakers
  • Plumbing shut-off valves
  • All other necessary equipment 

They will also do a detailed surface inspection with you. This includes walls, window glass, mirrors, appliances and countertops and is necessary to ensure there are no chips, scratches or other noticeable damage. 

How to Prepare

The New Homeowner Orientation is the final step before you close on your brand new home. It is important that all your final questions or concerns are addressed at this stage. To ensure smooth sailing from here to closing, you should be prepared with: 

  • Questions, questions, questions. All your questions are valid, and we are more than happy to answer them. Generally, most questions here involve maintenance and warranty procedures. 
  • Something to take notes with and a camera to take photos.
  • Your purchase agreement, customer service manual, selection sheets, and landscape plans, if applicable.
  • Be ready to take your time and be thorough. We aren’t just building a home, we are building your dream home. It is important to us that it is perfect! 
  • If there are any repairs needed, make sure to verify the dates and get a copy of the completed punch list before leaving the site. 

What’s Next?

Here’s the keys to your brand new home!