Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

Reasons to Buy Now

Home Ownership Builds Wealth

  • One of the best ways to build long term wealth is to own a home.
  • Take advantage of the generous tax deductions.
  • Build equity in your property when the value of your home increases.
  • As your property builds equity, you can take advantage of those gains by selling your home and moving into a bigger home.
  • If you wait for a “really” good deal, you could end up waiting longer and potentially missing out on opportunities or financial gains.

Why Buy New?

Latest Technology & Design

When you buy new, you get the latest in technology and design. Features like heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical system, windows, roofing, and design have improved and advanced immensely over the years, making new homes safer and more efficient. Trying to retrofit an older home with today’s technologies and design can be costly.

Energy Efficiency

The recently enacted energy codes make homes built after January of 2015 some of the most efficient homes built. Homes built after January 2015 have an average of 50% less energy costs of a home built with the 2006 energy codes. Added features make this generation of homes safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

  • Whole house air exchange system
  • Programmable thermostat
  • CFL light bulbs in all bedrooms, living areas and kitchen
  • R49 ceiling insulation with 6″ inch energy heel on roof trusses
  • R21 Wall insulation
  • 2 3/8″ R10 Energy board on exterior of foundation
  • Higher window efficiency standards
  • Insulated hot water lines​


When buying a previously built home, you’re buying someone else decorating tastes, or housing flaws. Buying new, allows you to have a variety of options, and modern open floor plans to choose from, allowing you to build a package that suits your needs.

Low Maintenance

Most of the materials used in new homes are low maintenance, allowing you to have the free time to enjoy your new home and community.

Long Term Money Savings

New homes are built with longer lasting, more efficient materials and appliances. Making for less costly repair, energy and utility bills.


New homes have a longer life expectancy than a lot of the older homes on the market, giving them a longer time frame to appreciate.

Competitive Pricing

In today’s housing market, there are several housing options, homebuilders like Loomis Homes, have to price their homes and options competitively, resulting in lower prices for you.

Community Design

New homes are built in newer communities, having newer utilities and roads, making for a nicer community with less potential problems/assessments in the future.

New Home Warranty

Loomis Homes include some of the best warranties in the industry so you can rest assured that your new home is covered. We include:

  • 10-year structural warranty
  • 2-year mechanical warranty
  • 1-year carpentry workmanship warranty
  • 25-year+ roofing and siding warranties

No Regrets

Buying a new home will be a choice you won’t regret. You can rest assured that your decision to buy a new home, was a good one, and you can enjoy the benefits of owning a new low maintenance home.

What's Next?

Let's Start Planning!